Alluring Fukiishi Kazue, born Sept 28, 1982 is a Japanese actress and gravure model. I just somehow came across her while looking for new Japanese movies to watch. I just looked at her once, and I was starstruck. Her eyes really fascinate me, it’s like a combination of Fan BingBing, Song Ji Hyo & Son Dambi but yet just more stunning. She also has this alluring brightness that kinda shines through your mind and eye-smiles to die for. The next thing I know I’m so mesmerised I’m here posting this even though I have two exams tomorrow.

To hell with that, just looking at her puts my worries right out the window. I guess the only movie that I know off which she was in is probably One Missed Call (2004), I think I’ll go watch that. =)

p/s: Here’s a bratop Ad she did for UniQlo, she appeared semi-nude and is just so cute saying bravo! ^____^

Uniqlo “Bra Top” CM by lapinbored